Materials & Craftsmanship

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Lupa Canada maintains the highest industry standards by sourcing premium quality raw materials from suppliers around the globe. Our fabrics undrgo rigorous quality control testing before purchase. Features include breatheability, non-pill, machine washable and stretch factor.


Markers dating back to 1977, are prepared and tailored to various patterns and types of material to ensure standardized fit. Raw materials are rolled on our cutting tables. Hand guided light machinery is used to cut the fabric to exact specification of patterns that are created and designed in-house.

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Local Manufacturing

The fabric is folded by our expert sewers and then sewn together multiple times using specific sewing machines (overlock, 2-needle & plain machines). The added value and benefit of local production is the strict and diligent quality control we have over the process. Lupa Canada strongly upholds its commitment to local production. 100% of its products are proudly made and produced in Quebec.

Quality Control

Following the sewing process, each product is carefully inspected by our selected quality control experts. This includes everything from the label, craftsmanship down to the last thread. The end-product is rigorously checked & tested.

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